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Pearlette Ramos

November 8, 2016

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  • Pearlette & Her Daughters

    Pearlette's Story

    Pearlette J. Ramos has served her community as a practicing lawyer, adjunct professor, advocate, and project manager — but her friends and family will tell you that her priorities are her daughters, Dionna and Nailah, and helping them and others succeed!

  • A Young Pearlette


    Can Change Everything...

    Pearlette is seeking a seat on the Littleton Elementary School District Board because she understands that an education can change a child's life. Pearlette grew up in a poor family. Her father, Jose, came to the United States from Luquillo, Puerto Rico. Tragically, he died in a car accident that left Pearlette's mother, Janie, to care for two small children on her own. Her family fell into poverty, was forced to live in public housing, and struggled to get by.

  • Pearlette & Her Daughters


    Her Life...

    By age 16, Pearlette had left home, quit school, and obtained a GED. "My life is a testament to the transformative power of education. Although I grew up in poverty and dropped out of high school I always had hope that my life would be better. Instead of succumbing to my circumstances I got into community college, worked my way through college, and the rest is history," says Ramos. Pearlette was the first person in her family to graduate from college.

    Never Quit!

  • Pearlette & Her Daughters


    Becomes a Lifelong Mission...

    Early in her career Pearlette worked to help women get off public assistance and become employed. Her experiences, helping underprivileged women who lived in public housing, motivated her to go to law school to change the laws that affected women, especially single mothers. She took the LSAT and entered law school at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

    Case Western Reserve

  • Pearlette Ramos


    To Happiness & Lifelong Learning...

    After graduating from law school, Pearlette practiced law for more than 10 years before she returned to school and obtained a doctorate degree in Philosophy. She collaborated with the State Bar of Arizona and her dissertation research, Well-being: A study of Attorney Beliefs, Attitudes, and Perceptions, was intended to help lawyers better understand how they could improve the quality of their lives and become happier people. "We all want the same thing — to be happy and fulfilled in our lives," said Dr. Ramos.

  • Our Children

    Deserve the very best...

    We place too much emphasis on a child's test score and too little attention on her natural talents and abilities. Far too many children are labeled negatively by their race, discipline or emotional problems, and socio-economic status. We need to do more to end educational disparity by ensuring all children, regardless of income or socio-economic class, gender, and ethnicity can thrive in our public school system.

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Community Service

I have been invested in our community since I moved to Avondale in 2007 by serving in several voluntary capacities including:


Parks and Recreation Board
Environment Committee
Risk Management Committee
Planning Commission

Statewide Engagement

Arizona Women Lawyers Association
Los Abogados Hispanic Bar Association
Maricopa County Lawyers Association
Phoenix Rotary 100
Arizona Black Bar
Young Authors of Arizona
State Bar of Arizona – Communications Advisory Committee

I Am Running...

To share my time and talents. As a member of Littleton's Elementary School District Board, I will have an opportunity to share my professional and life experience to benefit our community.

To represent the diversity within our community and ensure that others have a voice in making educational and administrative decisions. As a member, I will be a conduit for the concerns and interests of teachers and parents.

Help create stronger ties between the school board and other community stakeholders
including children, parents, teachers, staff, business, neighbors, etc.

Personal interest – to preserve and improve the quality of the Littleton Elementary School District.

Believe in public education for current and future students.


Arizona Federation of Teachers

Sandi Nielson, current member of the Littleton Elementary School District and Avondale City Council

Stephanie Karlin, current Vice Mayor of the Avondale City Council

Lorenzo Sierra, current member of the Avondale City Council

Lorenzo & Pearlette

My Priorities...

Retain the best teachers

Increase salaries and have smaller class size.

Support creativity and the arts

Provide adequate funding.

Help children discover their natural gifts and unique talents

Focus on strength development.

Updated technology

Ensure access to state-of-the-art equipment and supplies.

Contact Me

Please support my candidacy for the Littleton Elementary School District by voting for me on Tuesday, November 8, 2016! Together, we can ensure our children have the tools they need to thrive — in school and in life!

For more information about me or to volunteer, please use the form below to reach me or call 480-213-8339.
I look forward to hearing from you!